Electrical Services

We work very well with owners and general contractors to maintain critical project schedules and coordination. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

We can perform the following services boring, concrete and digging. We have the equipment and personnel to perform work in all phases of your project.


We are an approved contractor for the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).


Our traffic signal professionals understand design and construction implementation requirements. Northeast Electric has been involved in construction, implementation and maintenance of the systems needed to properly operate some of the most intricate traffic environments.


Well-designed and implemented street lighting is essential to the safety of drivers and pedestrians alike on any street. We are responsible for the installation of street lighting on many roads throughout Washington, and will work with your municipality in its efforts to implement a system of street lights that accentuate roadways while promoting safety. LED street lights use significantly less power than traditional lighting allowing your municipality to save money.


Cost and construction efficiency are important to state and government agencies, and those seeking to address these issues in regards to signage on highways and interstates can count on us to come to the table with an affordable bid. Our personnel, equipment and experience  outshine many others and we’d appreciate the opportunity to bid on your next project.




Our industrial installations usually consist of large duct banks, with considerable conduit and wire, buried deep in the ground with steel reinforced concrete encasement.


We deliver instrument packages properly applied to customer processes. We use a cost effective approach for reliable plant operation.



You can count on Northeast Electric to provide professional installation, modification and expansion services for electrical systems in utility water/wastewater plants and pumping stations. We have done extensive remodels while keeping the plants running.


We are an approved Clark Public Utilities contractor. We excel at low and medium voltage transformer installs.

Our operators are highly trained in all aspects of underground power installations to ensure a safe and top quality project on time and within budget.



We provide quality electrical installation service to customers large and small. From remodels to large ground up projects, our highly skilled electricians have the know how to complete all types of Retail, Office, Medical and Government installations.


For your office, commercial building, or subdivision we have the capability and experience to design every aspect of your lighting, power and controls.

  • Load Calculations

  • Riser Diagrams & Panel Schedules

  • Lighting Design

  • System Controls & Automation Design